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The steel industry is an extremely competitive and capital-intensive industry that combines a range of complex metallurgical and mechanical processing steps to produce a wide variety of products.

Simulation Used to Accurately Quantify Plant Capacity

To maximize project returns for both greenfield plants and brownfield retrofits, simulation is used to optimize capital expansion plans and operating strategies.

Global Optimization via Integrated Systems Approach

Understanding that systems must be optimized the simulation methodology considers the steel plant as an integrated system and not as isolated subsystems.

Coupling of Modeling & Process Expertise

The unique coupling of both simulation and process expertise and experience allows Hatch to ensure that the complex issues related to the production of steel are solved for each plant expansion or modification.

Simulation Purpose

  • Ensure that plant designs and changes are capable of achieving targeted capacities

Simulation Benefits

  • Cost savings generated from reduced capital and/or operating expenditures
  • Plant synchronization and operational robustness for smooth startups and years of consistently reliable performance

General Applications

  • Capacity planning and debottlenecking
  • Logistics and infrastructure planning
  • Evaluation of production schedules and changes in product mix
  • Optimization of process parameters and equipment configurations
  • Development of operational and control strategies to manage/eliminate constraints
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